Cloud-based SaaS transforming Payment Management cloud_queue Reduce your
overhead costs
While increasing productivity
Discover a totally new
Net Income source
By simply paying your suppliers
Full workflow automation So your team can focus on more productive tasks people laptop_mac

What do we do?

Pinnacle provides cloud-based SaaS applications transforming Accounts Payable Management.

We support payments for all vendor types including Utilities, Telecommunications, Mobility, Cloud, SaaS, Digital Marketing, among others.

We use RPA, AI and Machine Learning to automate workflow, increase security and streamline payment execution.

Pinnacle´s software and services fill gaps in the traditional AP Management process, eliminating human errors, reducing procesing times and costs.

Benefits at a Glance

What is the cost?

implementation costs


When we say $0.00 costs
We meant it:

You get a fully automated AP workflow, no invesment of any kind needed… None.

Key differentiators


  • Payment solutions suitable for mid-market as well as large enterprises.

Complete Solution

  • We process all payment types: Vcard, ACH, Check and FX.
  • Unlike other AP Automation solutions.


  • Most ERP & Accounting Software supported
  • ERP Integration costs = $0.00


  • AP Certified relationship management.

  • Vendor Enrollment & Account optimization.
  • Best in Class Payment Platform.

“Zero cost solution”

  • Implementation = $0.00 USD
  • Recurring fee = $0.00 USD

PCI & SOC2 compliance

  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • SOC 2 Compliance

Transform AP into an automated, revenue-generating powerhouse

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